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Darby Mills

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In 1978, Darby Mills embarked on a now 44-year journey of some craZyness and adventures. In the process becoming one of Canada’s classic and somewhat iconic female ROCK Vocalist/Entertainers.


Darby spent 36 years as the front woman of the Rock band the    ..................'HEADPINS.'

After being let go from the Headpins in 1985, she was signed to MCA spent time in LA writing and landed in England to record her first Solo CD. Spending time at Ell Pie Studio (Pete Townsend owned) unfortunately while there her A&R representative at MCA was let go. Her work to that point was thelved and she was released from her contract with MCA.  A cross Canada tour reUniting Brian Too Loud, Ab Bryant, Darby a new Drummer and Keyboardist in 1998 ended in stalemate with a new deal on the table from the USA. 

Warner Music then signed Darby to a Solo deal and finally in 1991 she released her first Solo CD.

               'Never Look Back'

Selling 35K in the first year it was not enough to keep the label interested and she was released for the contract.

 1994,  Darby returned and helped to reformed Headpins and continued to front the band till 2016. Suffering  some personal life altering events in 2014, Darby made the decision it was NOW or never to jump back into her personal quest with both feet.  Darby re-mastering and then re-released 'Never Look Back' now called

                    'Flying Solo'

Still feels today she feels 'NLB' is her strongest vocal performance to date.


30 years later those re-released tracks have found a new home and the sales for the hard copies alone have been steady enough to merit a third run.



2016  Darby, having irreconcilable differences with the remaining members of the Headpins, gave her notice and the

           "Darby Mills Project"

            ( DMP ) was realized.

In the Fall of 2016, with her husband now back as Manager, DMP began touring. 

The Project made huge strides right from day one, beginning with a World Wide digital deal thorough True North Records.


Even with the obvious conflict regarding the "Headpins" touring with a new singer,

Darby is thankful there are still those who want to hear that VOICE ...

the voice who sang

      'Pissed com'on TURN IT LOUD!'

2017 DMP crossed the county working shows with such talent as April Wine, The Box , Prism, Michel Pagliaro, Toronto, Trooper, Bar Stool Profits, Killer Dwarfs, the Pursuit of Happiness

2018 Mills herself even making a surprise guest appearance on stage with Gene Simmons Solo Band at Cannafest. Having toured together across Canada in the early days of the Headpins.  That year Darby also sang on Canada's ALL STAR band   'Toque's' newest CD.

2018 emerged as an exciting time for the "Darby Mills Project" starting a new era for the veteran performer.

She released the new CD titled

The Darby Mills Project "LIVE" recorded at the Russian Hall by the

Award-winning producer/engineer Ron Obvious, known for his work at Little Mountain Studio and the Warehouse Studios, Vancouver, BC.

Then in 2019 invited on stage with 'Toque' while they performed at the Grey Cup tailgate party in Calgary, Alberta.

Five years into the Project, the constant grind for the right to perform and with a "Break the Glass Ceiling" Tour in place.

2020 Everything ... Shut down!

2022 'DMP' is staying focused and committed to the artistry and the process.  Three new singles will be released in this year. Over the past six years including breaks for Covid lock downs, 5 new videos were produced and released, all of which are viewable on the "Darby Mills Project" YouTube channel or here on the DMP website.

Feb 2022, the Music and Entertainment world has finally open up. 

The Shows are coming!

Cheers to those who live by the stage and a song.

Darby Mills Project features: 

Dave Hopia, Bass and Vocals,


Doug Rasmussen, Keys and Vocals, and


Chris Murray Driver, Drums and some crazy sh*t.


Bryan Jasper, Guitar and Vocals


Kevin Feres, FOH, Road Manager

Liz Stanley, Merch Lady

Alumni,    Randy Gabel, Ed Cliffe and Ricky Renouf.

    "Don't stop keeping on!" - D Mills

2022 was the year we caught up on the shows we had booked in 2020.

2023 was ...............................

Here's looking up to 2024

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