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Darby Mills

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The Whipping Post

Bringing a taste of my past, the love of great classics, and outstanding talents from my youth. This is our LIVE audio and video footage from the dates though out the summer.

I hope you enjoy watching as much as we did bring it to life! Summer of 2019

The Medley

40 years after bringing these songs to life with the Headpins, I gave in to the requests that greet us at every show, "Can you play these songs?"

I didn't want to, I did not want to be who or what we are not! Then the band suggested, "Let's do a Medley." This Video and arrangement came together in 2 weeks, via 4 home recording studios and by unbelievable circumstance a fabulous director and filming crew.

Our live show NOW brings you ALL the Headpins singles, our wonderful list of originals from 'Never Look Back or Flying Solo' and a few re-discovered covers now fill our 90 minutes of nothing but Rockin Bliss,  Enjoy!

Want It

Dedicated to any and all who have found their own strength in times of challenge!

Recorded LIVE in Guelph, Hamilton and Kingston, Ontario.
Thanks to those who came out and partied with us.

Just remember no matter what, "Don't Stop Keepin' On!"

Telus TV's  "Queen of Scream" Documentary

Darby Mills “The Queen of Scream” a Spotlight produced a documentary for Telus TV on demand. Released early 2018 is an intimate peak into the trials and tribulations, the lifestyle and home style of a rock n’ roll pioneer, woman, mom, wife, friend and performer who has spent over forty years in the male-dominated music industry. Courtesy of a Telus TV Original series  and Spotlight Productions.
Now viewed over 500,000 times and counting, Thank you!

Want It | Promo

Promotional video released for "Want It".


This Video represents our environmental contribution to awareness. We really need to wake up and do something about the disregardful not only our, but our planets future.

Get What You Give

One of my favorite song from this 1990's era. I've worked out to "Get What u Give" for 10 years and felt this was an emotional statement so needed to be shared in these trying times. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it. Originally recorded by the Young Radicals.

Thanks to JamienJeff@themetalshop for their support and expertise.

"Flying Solo"

Album Sampler

One Minute of Your Time | TV Spot

2017 Live footage from Cannafest

Guest Appearance on

Paul Dean's Video "Hell Yeah!"

Promotional video released for "Want It".

Jeff Neill | Brother Louis

Back in 2012  I had the thought I'd try something totally different than what I'd been doing for years. This is I and Jeff Neil in the studio with a young Daniel Powter

'Bad Day' on Keys.

I think it turned out just FINE!

Cry To Me

Recorded in 1990 with the first version of my Solo Project called the 'Unsung Heroes' signed to Warner Music.


This track was sent to me a few years ago, I immediately wrote some lyrics but wasn't happy so I put it down knowing I'd get back to them when the time was right.  5 times I went back, still frustrated with my progress. Finally the words came together locked in my home over the 2020 Covid lock down. Trips from Vancouver to Toronto to lay the vocals and then another lock down ... I decided to hell, keep the flow going. Rented a Green Room, masks on faces we filmed for 5 hours in 100 plus degrees, no Air conditioning but lots and LOTS of lights. We were sweating BIG!

So very glad I stayed with it, Thanks Gary Borden.

LOve the tune and what it means to me. 


2023,  We're getting off to a great start.

'Trick of the Light' is a song I recorded for a Escape Music in the UK.

I fell in love with the song immediately, It had a 007 feel that had me Hooked! My 3rd attempt at filming, producing and editing for the Band.

I'm also exited to announce that there is another single coming  form the UK. I've been invited to join in again with the crew of

Escape Music, Khalil Turk and Bruce Mee for the 'Circle for Friends 2'

Stay TUNED!!! 

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